Rotisserie Bute Street. Flamed Roasted Chicken, Lamb and Beef. Order and Book Online. South Kensington SW7
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Our restaurant is located in one of the most traditional and famous streets
in South Kensington, Bute Street.

Famous Neighbours

We are just 3 minutes from the station, close to the Royal Albert Hall and the National History Museum. Perfect for a weekend out or just pop in!
We sell North African Cous Cous with Vegetables, Chicken & Lamb. We deliver: Monday - Sunday • from 12pm to 11pm. Flame Roasted, Chicken, Lamb and Beef. All orders are delivered within 30 mins. If it likely to take longer we will inform you as you place your order. Our dedicated team serve a wide range of delicious French and North African favourite cuisine, couscous

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We Deliver: Monday - Sunday from 12pm to 11pm

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